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    • 29 Aug 2020

    In these unprecedented times, when college life and home life have been disrupted, the need of the hour is to stay strong and stay resilient! It's easy to be overwhelmed and anxious with all that we see in the media. Students need to be on the guard, not just against the virus causing this pandemic, but the virus of negativity too. Whether it is their celebrity icons committing suicide or an uncertain economy and rapid unforeseeable changes in the world, students today face a huge challenge in coping with the recent happenings. On account of this, SJPUC organized a two day webinar: *"Kaizen"*; on 29 and 30 August 2020. This session was curated with the intent of assuring our young learners that 'this too will pass' and to say that we will emerge from this situation as stronger individuals. The keynote speaker, an alumnus of SJPUC, Mr. Roger Joseph Lurshay highlighted the significance of self- improvement and the impact of "Atomic Habits" with some interesting tips and techniques that can help students to discipline their lives and help them achieve feats they think aren't possible.