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    • 05 Sep 2020

    On the 5th of September 2020, the teachers of SJPUC were welcomed to the first ever Teachers day celebrations conducted on an online platform. The Student Council in collaboration with the OBA put together a remarkable show for the teachers, drawing inspiration from the teachers themselves. The lockdown or pandemic never stopped them from teaching the students, so the students made sure that celebrating Teachers day would not be hindered by the pandemic either. After over a weeks worth of preparation, the teachers were invited to celebrate their day. The programme began with an introduction from P. Unnikrishnan and Sathyanarayanan, who were the Masters of the Ceremony. This was followed by an Inter-religious prayer to invoke Gods blessings. Benedict Evan and his team performed a soulful rendition expressing their love for their teachers, followed by heartfelt speeches from Sergio and Dhruv, students of the present batch, that conveyed what every Josephite wished to express. Mrs. Nirmala Raghunandan, HOD of the Department of Biology was invited to share her words of wisdom. The Class Representatives had also sent in video clips wishing the teachers on behalf of their classes which were compiled and presented. The technical aspects of the proceedings were handled by Kevin Mark Franklin. This was followed by a brilliantly choreographed dance performance by Yuvanjan and Rahul. The formal programme concluded with the vote of thanks from the Emcees. The proceedings were then handed over to the OBA , who conducted various activities for our teachers. This part of the programme was hosted by Roger Doss and Roger Lurshay who are the President and Vice President of the OBA respectively. A video compilation of the Old Boys of SJPUC wishing the teachers and performing for them evoked a sense of nostalgia. A collage of the teachers talents, preferences and ideas was put together by the OBA.The results for pre-conducted competitions were also announced followed by a fun quiz. The Principal Rev. Fr Melwin Lobo SJ gave us his message on the importance of the day. The programme ended on a note of gratitude from the students and the OBA for the teachers. The success of the Teachers day programme confirmed an already known fact, that teachers are really parents away from home just as school/college is a home away from home.