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    • 19 Sep 2020

    St Joseph's Pre-University College conducted an 8-day online MUN workshop for II PUC students from 19-09-2020 to 27-09-2020. The alumni of SJPUC were invited to be the guest speakers for the programme to train our students to develop the skills to excel in this domain. ? Mr Sabeel Mekhri was the guest speaker for Day 1 and Day 2. He provided a brief history of the United Nations Organisation;its bodies, powers and functions. He also presented a comprehensive overview of a Model United Nations Conference and the Rules of Procedures that are followed in a MUN. Furthermore, he furnished information on International laws and the working of UNSC in a MUN . ? On Day 3 and Day 4, Mr. Puneeth apprised the students of the Standard Operating Procedures and the etiquette to be observed by a delegate in a MUN. He also briefed them about the points and motions that are raised in a MUN while lobbying and submitting the draft resolution. ? On Day 5 and Day 6 Mr Sairaj was the guest speaker. He discussed the Art of Public speaking and encouraged the students to address a gathering using the 3 Cs of public speaking, namely, Content, Confidence and Command over the audience. He also provided a brief introduction on the Indian Committees, Indian Political Affairs, Law and General Knowledge. He identified the areas that a delegate of an Indian committee should concentrate on; rhetorics, fact check , balance and characterization to mention a few. ? Mr Akhil Shamprasad led the session on Day 7. He provided expert guidance on the art of constructive research for the given agenda and committee, with respect to the allotted country and its foreign policy. ? On Day 8, the last day of our workshop, Mr Akhil and Mr Sairaj recapitulated the important topics discussed in the workshop . Each participant was also awarded an e-Certificate and given a delegate handbook. The workshop was successfully organized by the SJPUCMUN team with the constant support and guidance of the Principal Rev. Fr. Melvin Lobo SJ, Vice Principal Mrs Renuka Zechariah, Campus Minister, Rev. Fr. Wilson Bennis SJ, Governor of Student Council, Mrs Vahidunnisa M , the Cultural Coordinator, Mrs Smitha Chacko and the technical team.