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    • 25 Oct 2021

    People say, "Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances." Students got exposure to these words during the three days Dramatics Acting workshop, thanks to our key resource person Mr Jeevan Gangadharaiah. It was only three days of the educative workshop, but the lessons we got to learn is once in a lifetime. On the First Day of the workshop, the students were introduced to theatre acting and they learnt a few important points for theatre performance like hand gestures, voice modulation, eye contact with the co-actor, and also different entry points on a stage, which are essential to better our performance. On the second day, we were introduced to nine important acting genres and also got an opportunity to express any one genre according to the resource person's concept. This was the best part of the workshop, as the students got to know their acting potential. Finally, on the third day of the workshop. The resource person shared his life experiences and enlightened us on the knowledge that he learned from his co-artists during his time in the film industry. After this, the students were segregated into a team of four members and were asked to perform a small skit on the concept provided by the key speaker. Overall, this workshop was fun-filled and amazing.