Department of Biology

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Ms. M. Maria Thendral

M.Sc , MPhil , B.Ed , M.Sc Psychology HOD

Biology course in Pre-University is designed to understand how cells and organs work. It involves the study of life, study of evolutionary relationships among organisms and diversity of life on earth. It is important as it tells about the natural world and the behavioral acts of human beings and animals. Students of Biology undertake a general program in which they study living organisms, the systems and processes that permit life.

Experienced and dedicated faculty members have followed the recent developments in the field of Biology and updated themselves with the current knowledge. We pay increased attention to the learning needs of students. We employ a variety of teaching strategies to optimize student learning abilities.

We take pride in our innovative approaches in the laboratory. In the laboratory, students work in small groups directly with the faculty. We are well equipped to offer lab and field courses throughout the curriculum.

The mission of the Department of Biology is to provide students the opportunity to explore the science of life, in all its complexity and diversity. We strive to develop each student’s ability to acquire and critically interpret knowledge of basic facts. We prepare our students for successful entry into careers or programs of advanced study.

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    Ms. Renuka Zachariah

    M.Sc. (Zoology), M.Phil. Lecturer
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    Ms. Nirmala Raghunandan

    M.Sc. (Botony), M.Phil. Lecturer
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    Ms. Satya N

    M.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed. Lecturer
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    Ms. Roslin Ruby N

    M.Sc. (Zoology), B.Ed., M.Phil. Lecturer