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St. Joseph’s Pre-University College is a religious minority institution run by the Bangalore Jesuit Educational Society for the education of Catholic youth, which has also been at the service of others without any distinction of caste or creed.

St.Joseph’s Pre-University College became an independent institution in 2001 after the bifurcation of Pre-University course from the graduate course as decided by the Government of Karnataka. The Science Stream parted ways with St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore and the Commerce Stream was formed into St. Joseph’s College of Commerce, Bangalore.

Success in St. Joseph’s is not defined just in terms of academic excellence, but in directing its educational efforts to make future leaders, with a holistic combination of intellectual prowess. While we don't compromise on academics, we aim at forming students with social concern, conscience, compassion and personal and moral values. Down the years, Josephites have made our institution and our nation proud. Our students have contributed positively to the society at large.

St. Joseph’s offers a wide range of course combinations for pre-university education and promises exciting and rewarding opportunities that ensure holistic development in a student. Here, you will be an active partner in a shared enterprise to face the ever-changing world with greater confidence.


To prepare divinely inspired, intellectually and emotionally empowered young men, selflessly engaging themselves in creating a humane and Egalitarian Society and protecting the environment, with the spirit of Magis, all for the Greater Glory of God.


  • Reinforce the understanding of God and develop love and respect for god’s creations.
  • ‘Cura Personalis’ – Care for the entire person by journeying with the youth and promoting their human formation.
  • Empower youth for the service of others, especially the poor and the excluded.
  • Promote care for our common home (Mother Earth).
  • Building Human Communities.

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Alumini Testimonials

  • Joseph's another word for family that taught me how valuable everything is. A place where I found brothers, teachers, memories, laughter, joy. It was something beautiful that will always be a part of me. Something that will always put a .. Read More

    Akash Kumar
    Student Image
  • 2 years In Josephs has been a wonderful journey In an Important phase of my life! The first thing that comes into my mind when I hear the Name Josephs Is discipline. When a student graduates from Josephs, the Institution makes sure that the.. Read More

    Karthik Lokesh
    Student Image
  • Well, it was a wonderful journey In SJPUC. I would say it was the best two years of my life. SJPUC totally took me to a different world from schooling. It taught me a lot of things which would be useful for my better life. It's a place wher.. Read More

    John Munez
    Student Image
  • After Finishing my tenth I wanted to join Josephs n luckily got a seat there ...and It was not how I expected It to be Initially 100 boys In a class and It took time to get adjusted, those morning prayers was good ...and uniform I didn't wa.. Read More

    Harish Gowda
    Student Image
  • It's a pleasure for me to tell u about my experience In Joseph's, myself Kiran Rajan G joined St. Joseph's in 2013. In the beginning I was a little worried about joining this college but once I became close to all my classmates I never want.. Read More

    Kiran Rajan
    Student Image
  • My stay in Joseph's was memorable the orientation program held on the first day of the college was meaningful. The lecturers were kind enough and taught us well cleared the doubt then and there itself and they were more like friend than the.. Read More

    Nikhil S P Jain
    Student Image
  • My journey as a Josephite began In SJPUC. I belonged to the batch of 2013-15, this place Is just immensely amazing where everyone and I was welcomed warm heatedly by the teacher's. This was the place where if you talk to teachers they wou.. Read More

    Manmeet Singh
    Student Image
  • Hi, my name is NITHIN KUMAR.J batch of 2013-2015 and class 2 'D' where unity had reached to its peak. Now I'm studying architecture at University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering. I'm here to share how my life was In JOSEPH'S, an unforge.. Read More

    Nithin Kumar J
    Student Image
  • I'm Benhanan Theodore, I did my PCMC in St.Joseph's and I graduated from SJPUC in 2015!! Well to write about my experience In SJPUC would literally run into pages!! On the 1st day of college I was really nervous and scared not knowing as to.. Read More

    Benhanan Theodore
    Student Image
  • 2012-2014 Batch PCMB A Section - 12P1163 Best Outgoing Student, Science Stream, 2014 Currently, II Year MBBS, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute Two years of character building of the highest order; two years of holistic, w.. Read More

    Sharon Fredrick Lasrado
    Student Image
  • Honestly, joining St. Joseph's was one of the best decisions of my life. Here they don't just teach the syllabus but also educate you to be a good human being in the society. They teach you moral values and etiquettes prepare for outside wo.. Read More

    Ravin Menon
    Student Image
  • Choosing St. Joseph's P.U. College has to be one of the best and most important things in my life. I cannot thank God enough for making me a 'JOSEPHITE'. This prestigious institution has molded me into the person I am today, focusing not on.. Read More

    Calvin Abhishek
    Student Image
  • First, my past experiences in college have given me a chance to sharpen my skills in my field of choice. I had chosen electronics with no prior knowledge of what was actually thought in it. There were many opportunities to learn more ways o.. Read More

    Mohamed S Rilwan
    Student Image
  • The days at Joseph's where one of the most valuable and memorable time of my life... What I am now is all that Joseph's has given me. From the infrastructure to the entertainment, everything is perfect and the faculty in Joseph's can't be s.. Read More

    Jagadishwar Sukumar
    Student Image
  • 2A (PCMB) Batch: 2013-2015 Reg. No: 13P1170 EXPERIENCE: College life is very important part of every individual's life. We all are at a certain threshold after passing out from School. That's when we have to take a very important decision.. Read More

    Kamran Syed Abbas
    Student Image
  • I had the two most fun filled years of my academic life in SJPUC. The warmth, the feeling of oneness and the diversity of this institute are probably its highlights for me. SJPUC is the place where adolescent boys go on to become responsibl.. Read More

    Rahul Kolle
    Student Image
  • On my first day in Josephs "Once a JOSEPHITE Always a JOSEPHITE" was just a phrase. But now I understand the strong message behind it. This is because once u are a josephite, josephs keeps you and the institution bonded for your entire lif.. Read More

    Sumanth R
    Student Image
  • "JOSEPH'S" this is where it all started for me. The very walls of the building scream of wonders around me and the course of 1000's of students. I still don't know how 2 years have just gone before me. In this journey 2 years, everyday has .. Read More

    Ashin Louis
    Student Image
  • On my first day at SJPUC, my teacher said "you'll miss this college once you go out of here". As I sit to write about my experience at Joseph's, I realize how profoundly true his words were. SJPUC is not merely a part of my educational jo.. Read More

    Ismail Vilayat
    Student Image
  • My time in SJPUC has been extremely remarkable and it is something I will never forget in my life. SJPUC is a place where students are turned into gentlemen. Josephs has the most friendly teachers who make learning fun and interesting. The .. Read More

    Faisal Ahmed
    Student Image
  • Myself Abhilash. I was in F section (2014-2016) Right now I'm doing bachelor of computer applications(BCA) in St.joseph's college. For every student it's a dream to join Sjpuc after completion of there schooling. Yes even mine too and I g.. Read More

    Maddi Abhilash
    Student Image
  • Joseph's a place that's so close to my heart...Being a Josephite was so special... Joseph's has some magic which no other place can offer...The crowd in Joseph's is by far the best I would say because it has a balance of people from differe.. Read More

    Issac Rajkumar
    Student Image
  • The word 'josephs' or 'josephite' brings in me a kind of excitement which can't be expressed in any emotion or any emoticon. In the beginning when I had completed my 10th standard and was in search of a college, the only thing in mind was.. Read More

    Sourav Jannu
    Student Image
  • Greetings St. Joseph's PUC my 'Alma Mater' completely rejuvenated me as to how I was and how I approach my attitude towards life currently. Having pursued my 2 years of PUC in this glorious institution, I have inculcated quite a lot of et.. Read More

    Milton Moras
    Student Image
  • My experience in Joseph's is one of the best things to happen in my life. I learnt a lot of things, gained knowledge on lot of things from that place. Joseph's provided more opportunities to learn better things. The way the teachers e.. Read More

    Abhishek Arun Kumar
    Student Image