Character Formation

Jesuit education insists on care and concern for every individual student. The main feature of Jesuit education is character formation in which the emotional development and the physical growth of all the students is monitored and nurtured.

    At SJPUC, the education system revolves around three main H’s

  1. Head
  2. Heart
  3. Hand
  • Head refers to the intellectual capabilities of a student.
  • Heart refers to feeling for oneself and as well as for the fellow human beings.
  • Hand refers to social concern.

The character formation plays a vital role in forming every single student where he is taught the values of respecting elders and to practice love and care towards the human race. The formation focuses on the need that every student has to take his personal relationships (“Cura Personalis”) and relationship with his peers seriously. We not only aim at academic excellence but also enable students to follow etiquettes that will enable them to face the world confidently and lead a life with full honesty and sincerity.

The college deeply respects all faiths. The student is expected to have a basic knowledge of the major doctrines and practices of his faith. He is expected to examine his religious feelings and beliefs with a view to deepen the basic and fundamental orientation towards God and establish a relationship with his religious traditions and community. The Annual retreat, theology classes and Holy mass enriches one’s spiritual life and are some of such initiatives taken by the management. The observance of inter-religious week instills a sense of spiritual oneness and promotes the perspective of spirituality than mere propagation of religion.

SADHANA helps students explore their inner potential by providing a safe space to open up and share their emotional and psychological needs as well as academics. Friendly and accessible team of counsellors is available at any point of time during college hours. Students can also volunteer to visit their counsellor whenever they need help. In order to cater to the holistic development of the students, SADHANA extends its services to parents as well. The counselling sessions touch upon self awareness, confidence building, anger management, inter and intra personal communication, addictions, time management, study skills, career guidance to name a few.

The HRD classes are geared towards sensitizing our students about social issues prevalent in our society. The sessions enable our students to interact with one another and articulate their views and perceptions. Students also imbue values and soft skills that are so essential to succeed in an ever changing world.

General awareness means the knowledge about the present happenings .It focuses on the routine happening of news around the world.

Once in every month, during the HRD hour, general awareness topic will be discussed in the class by the respective class teacher and SWO. It includes group discussions, debate, skit and so on.

The various clubs and associations caters to the varied talent pool of young Josephites.Students are encouraged through various activities , competition and lectures to become empowered in the areas of their interest .The college teams for external competitions are selected through these clubs activities

SJPUC organized life skill classes, a first time initiative of the kind, for the students of the arts stream, to empower and equip them to embrace the challenging world outside, in their future. Life skills like self-awareness, confidence building, communicative skills, emotional management, career guidance, to name a few.

The Alumni association is an arena that develops network between passed out students, present students, staff and management and it creates a conducive space for exchange of ideas and experiences from different realms which connects each batch to their Alma matter.


  1. Re-establish bonds formed during college days and to nurture fellowship between all generations of students.
  2. Promote the association to students currently studying and to contact former students and staff who have lost touch with the college in order to get them involved in alumni fellowship.
  3. Communicate on a regular basis with its members to disseminate the latest developments within the college and the association.
  4. Organize social, educational, and networking events at periodical intervals.
  5. Act as ambassadors of the college and help support the college as a place of excellence in teaching.
  6. Foster newer relationships between present and former students and staff through the mentoring schemes, career counselling, and professional networks.
  7. Develop financial resources that will ensure that, in the long term, the association is self-sufficient.
  8. Enhance the image of the Alumni Association and instil a sense of camaraderie in all alumni through regular programmes that not just foster fellowship but also discharge a social responsibility.
  9. Create opportunities for alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff and friends to participate in a variety of activities, programs and events.

The national cadet corps of SJPUC opened its chapter after the bifurcation from degree college in the year 2000. It is administered into NCC under 3COY, 3KAR NCC-A group of Karnataka Goa Directorate. The SJPUC NCC unit comprises of 108 zealous army-wing SD cadets who are passionately dedicated to the youth wing of the armed forces.

The college records two youth exchange programme cadets. The cadets of 04 represented in RDC Delhi, and 03 Tal-Sainik camps- Delhi. SJPUC is one of the few colleges in Bangalore which feathers so many achievements on its hat. Our NCC boys carry the spirit of ‘Unity and Discipline’ (NCC Motto) and with Faith and Toil (SJPUC motto).

Jai Hind