Anthem & Motto

Faith and Toil

St.Joseph’s Pre-University College boasts of an academic fraternity of individuals dedicated to the moto faith and toil. At Joseph’s, one commits to this spirit and ideals that have inspired several generations.

In Latin ‘Fide et Labore’ means ‘Faith and Toil’. Faith, among other things, gives persons a commitment to god, to his fellowmen and women and to intellectual pursuits. Toil is a necessary prerequisite for any success.


Ring out the battle call of duty!
Unfurl the flag of faith and Toil!
We deem our soul’s eternal beauty.
A life-long Victor’s worthy spoil.
A thousand such as proudly gone before us
To win and spread our College renown:
tis ours to swell with our voices the chorus
And with our deeds enrich her crown.


Faith and Toil ! conquerless alliance
Wherein we clasp human hands unto God’s!
In his control, find we true self-reliances;
My hand and God’s — what`er the odds
My hand and God’s — what`er the odds
My hand and God’s
Evil’s onset hold in defiance!