Aims and Objectives

Jesuit Education is inspired by a vision drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. It is based on the principles of character formation elaborated by St. Ignatius of Loyola. This vision and principles give Jesuit Institutions a specific character and set before the staff and students high ideals towards which they are invited to strive. The Aims and Objectives of Jesuit Education are as follows:

Openness to growth

A student is expected to mature as a person emotionally, intellectually, socially and religiously to a level that reflects responsibility for his own growth as opposed to a passive, drifting and laissez-faire attitude. The student must begin to reach out towards his development, seeking opportunities to stretch his mind, imagination, feelings and religious consciousness. One needs to learn to move beyond self-interest or self-centredness in relation to others and to reflect the confidence and freedom of a mature person.

Intellectual Competence

A mastery of academic requirements for advanced forms of education is to be cultivated. The student needs to see the necessity for intellectual integrity in a personal quest for truth and justice. This would mean that the ‘Josephite’ is expected to develop intellectual skills and understanding which cut across and go beyond academic requirements.

Academic Excellence

The primary aim of our education is to strengthen our base for academic excellence. The Academic Excellence does not merely remain at the level of high percentage results, but to the extent where we are are able to train students into various strata of knowledge. This is done through various associations and activities which are intellectually oriented such as quiz, debate, lecture, contest and the like. The interest of the teachers and the encouragement of the Management has led to the growth of this academic atmosphere. All in all, academic excellence has been the prime aim of of this institution.

Commitment to Justice

The College helps students to acquire considerable knowledge of the many needs of the local and wider communities. It is a preparation for the day when students take their legitimate and rightful place in Society as competent, concerned and responsible members. The students are expected to acquire skills necessary and to be aware of selfish attitudes and tendencies in oneself and society and to strive to overcome them.

Religious Development

The College deeply respects all faiths. The student is expected to have a basic knowledge of the major doctrines and practices of his faith. He is expected to examine his religious feelings and beliefs with a view to deepen the basic and fundamental orientation towards God and establish a relationship with his religious traditions and community.

Physical Development

In keeping with its high traditions in sports St. Joseph’s Pre-University College has always encouraged sports and games. If the total person has to grow, one also needs, to give importance to the development of the body through Sports and games. It is on the playground that students develop and cultivate team spirit, honesty, co-operation, fair play and habits of health and hygiene.

Cultural Integrity

St. Joseph’s Pre-University College expects its students to develop a patriotic spirit. This would mean a deep appreciation of the cultural heritage of the country and the capacity to transcend parochial, communal and regional feelings and sentiments. A secular and democratic outlook with a deep loyalty to the nation and an awareness of current social, economic and political trends gives the students the realization of the great task ahead of them as responsible citizens.

National Outlook

Our objective of education involves promoting nationalistic growth. The students are expected to be aware of our Nation's history and events. The celebration of National Days like Independence Day, Republic Day, Martyr's Day, the study of National Leaders, the importance and the dignity of the National Flag, make the students proud of our National Heritage. The NCC[Navy, Airwing and Armed Squadron] has its effect on both patriotic ideals and physical growth. Promotion of National Spirit has been at the forefront of our educational training.

Commitment to the Protection of Environment

Sustainable development is the need of the hour. We create awareness on the need to protect our environment and combat further depletion of natural resources and climate change, by adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle. By imparting environmental education, as a part of our formal curriculum, students are sensitized towards environmental issues related to ecological security.

Commitment to the Protection of Life

Life is a gift from god. It must be respected and protected. Human life is sacred at all stages, from the time of conception to natural death. We ensure that our students inculcate this value of respect for life.