Universal Apostolic Preferences

The society of Jesus and its members popularly known as Jesuits, renew and reorient their approach and action from time to time. This process is called ‘discernment.’ To become more effective and rekindle the spirit of ‘Magis’ (more or greater) in the present era there were certain guidelines termed as ‘Universal Apostolic Preferences’ (UAP’s) that were promulgated on 19 February 2019. These preferences are a horizon, point of reference, a signpost for the entire Society of Jesus. It helps in the process of reading the signs of time and in addressing them adequately and effectively.

    The four ‘Universal Apostolic Preferences’ (UAP’s) that were promulgated on 19 February 2019 are

  1. To show the way to God through the Spiritual Exercises and discernment;
  2. To walk with the poor, the outcasts of the world, those whose dignity has been violated, in a mission of reconciliation and justice;
  3. To accompany young people in the creation of a hope-filled future;
  4. To collaborate in the care of our Common Home.

    These universal preferences have been adapted according to the need of each region and state. Thus, Karnataka Jesuit Province has adapted them and framed the preferences as follows:

  1. Strengthening and Expanding our Mission in North Karnataka.
  2. Responding to Communalism and Fundamentalism by Initiating Peace and Reconciliation Processes in all our Ministries.
  3. Imparting Integral Formation to Youth in the Organized and Unorganized Sectors for Social Consciousness and for Upholding Constitutional Values.
  4. Training in Collaboration and Leadership.