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  • "Med Ex" Medical Exhibition at St. Johns National Academy of Health Science

    • 11 Sep 2023

    Students first went to the pathology department and observed both the healthy and affected organs of the cardiovascular system, reproductive system, respiratory system and excretory system.
    Then they made our way to Microbiology Department and learnt about the microorganisms that cause various types of diseases and learnt how to identify them preparing culture plates and how they react with different stains or antibiotics.
    Next they visited the Forensics Department and got a lecture on snakebite and poisoning. And also learnt about different fractures and how they are caused. They also saw mummified humans.
    Students visited to BLS (BASIC LIFE SUPPORT) and learnt how to give a CPR which is an essential skill public must know.
    Finally, they went to the Anatomy Department, observed the different parts of alimentary canal, real human specimens of heart, lungs, kidneys and liver.
    Overall it was a wonderful experience which provided a very interesting and learning experience