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    • 06 Nov 2020

    Great opportunities seldom come without seeking them but such rarity did become a reality when SJPUC launched the first edition of SJPUCMUN in the year 2016, and the journey to the fifth edition has been incredible. Simulation sessions were held from 19 September to 27 September, familiarizing students with the rules and procedures to be followed during MUN proceedings. Another simulation session named MEET AND GREET was hosted by the EB Members on 5 November. This simulation helped students get a confident grip on MUN rules, procedures, and their applications. SJPUCMUN2020 was conducted on 6 and 7 November 2020. The two days of the event were days of intense activity as the delegations used ingenious methods of reasoning and arguments to defend their Countrys policies. From the Inaugural ceremony to the last debates, Day1 was witness to an amazing spectacle of tireless enthusiasm. With the proper guidance of the Executive Board, all the committees made great headway to their respective topics. Day 2 began with reinitiating the previous days debates. The working papers were submitted by the various committees wherein solutions that had been discussed were enshrined. The two-day process was an enriching experience for all the members of the team in terms of gaining vital insight into the politics and diplomacy of todays world.